Working with Dreams

“Working with dreams in clinical practice: realizing the full richness, depth and significance of dreams” with Marcus West on Saturday 14th March 2020

This workshop will give an overview of the history of dreams and dream interpretation, Freud’s and Jung’s approach to dreams, the neuroscience controversies around dreams, and an exploration of how the unconscious works in respect to dreams, but will centrally focus on working with dreams in clinical practice.

Although we will primarily look at dreams from a Jungian perspective, the workshop offers an approach that can be applied by all practitioners, supplementing their existing way of working. Essentially this involves unpacking the many levels and layers of meaning embedded in dream symbols and dynamics.

Marcus’ central interest is in the way that dreams illuminate our internal working models – our implicitly-held early relational experience – that are central to therapeutic practice. He will illustrate this approach by looking at four of Jung’s own key dreams, which will also elucidate the heart of Jungian psychology. As Jung said:

‘Dreams are a spontaneous self-portrayal, in symbolic form, of the actual situation in the unconscious’.

(Jung CW 8, 1948, para. 505)

Participants are asked to bring a dream on which to work – ideally not their own! -with as many of the dreamer’s associations to the dream as possible; the afternoon session will largely be spent workshopping these dreams.

The workshop would be suitable for trainees approaching dream interpretation for the first time, experienced therapists who want to supplement and deepen their practice, or those who are wanting to explore the significance of dreams where previously they had found none.


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