Venues in Brighton and Hove

We host the vast majority of our events at three venues within Brighton and Hove:

  • The Brighthelm Centre – a central Brighton location, within easy walking distance from the train station. Numerous parking options exist within the city… we can suggest a few of the cheapest though!
  • City Coast Centre – a fantastic venue in Portslade (West Hove area), and just down the road from Portslade’s main high street. It’s approximately a 10 minute walk from Portslade Station, and has lots of free on-site parking for those who drive down.

By clicking on any of the venues, you can see full directions on how to get there, as well as a few tips like where the cheapest parking is! All the venues are easy to find on Google Maps as well, which can also help with providing directions.

When selecting an event you can view the venue in which it will be taking place. Our smaller and more intimate events take place primarily at City Coast Centre and Southwick Community Centre, whilst we run our larger events from The Brighthelm Centre.

All venues are easy to reach by a variety of transport methods, as can be seen in the full directional listings for each venue’s page. All venues are easily accessible too, and provide access to wheelchair users.

If you have any queries about any of the venues in Brighton and Hove that we use, then please feel free to get in contact via email and we will endeavour to provide answers!

brighthelm centre

The Brighthelm Centre is one of the larger venues in Brighton and Hove that we use. It’s based in central Brighton.