Tony Buckley

Tony Buckley has extensive experience in the field of trauma, spanning over 25 years. This has included six years as the Manager of the Counselling and Trauma Service within the Occupational Health Department at Transport for London (London Underground). In this role he managed a team of Counsellors and Trauma Practitioners in delivering therapeutic support services for company employees. This team also provided psycho-education, stress reduction group work, and response support following critical incidents.

Tony’s career experience also includes supervision, private practice, and managing counsellors in both a university setting and an adolescent counselling service within the voluntary sector. Originally Gestalt trained, Tony is also a qualified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and is on the teaching faculty of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, established by Dr Pat Ogden and based in Colorado, USA. He holds a BA Hons degree in Counselling and a Diploma in Supervision and Certificate of Education. Tony teaches all three levels of Sensorimotor Pyschotherapy in UK, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Finland and Australia.

Tony has a particular interest in somatic psychology, bodywork and the application of knowledge from the fields of neuroscience and psychobiology to trauma theory and treatment interventions. Tony teaches therapists internationally and has co-written a chapter titled “Healing the Traumatized Organization” in the 2012 Wiley-Blackwell book called International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support. He is co-author of “The Role of the Body in Fostering Resilience: a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Perspective” (2019), published in the Journal of Body Movement and Dance Psychotherapy.

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Past Events with Tony Buckley

The Art and Science of Play: Using Play, Laughter and Humour in Therapy

Trauma Masterclass: Perspectives on Working with Trauma

Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us


Upcoming Events with Tony Buckley

Somatic Masterclass: Working with the Body in Psychotherapy (online)

Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us (in-person and online)


Testimonials for Tony Buckley’s training

“An excellent workshop. Resourcing is such an important aspect of working with trauma and I haven’t come across play as a resource in my reading or training. A real eye opening moment”

“Thank you for an engaging and informative day. I feel inspired to read and learn more.”

“I loved the mix of experience based learning and theory. I think this is a ‘missing’ piece for me in my development both personal and professional”

“Tony’s presentation style and methods for engaging his audience are perfectly pitched”

“Tony is an excellent trainer – gentle, humorous, and congruent. This was a well presented workshop”


We summarised Tony’s workshop on Play and Laughter for our blog.


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