A full list of all speakers who have provided training and continuing professional development at Brighton Therapy Partnership events. Click on the speaker’s name to find out more about each speaker, their events, and delegate feedback. We also link to blog posts and interviews that we have done with speakers.

Maxine Aston

Pamela Atkinson

Dr Aaron Balick

Sir Richard Bowlby

Tony Buckley

Professor Julia Buckroyd

Patrick Casement

Linda Cundy

Professor Colin Feltham

Victoria Field

Dr Rachel Freeth

Paula Hall

Helena Hargaden

Caroline Hearst

Lynsey Hotchkies

Dr Chris Irons

Maya Jarrett

Rebecca Kirkbride

Margaret Landale

David Mann

Dr Phil Mollon

Anna Motz

Graham Music

Anne Power

Kate Powis and Gavin Roberts

Amanda Redstone

Dr Andrew Reeves

Jenny Riddell

Professor Andrew Samuels

Christiane Sanderson

Professor Joy Schaverien

Julia Segal

Robin Shohet

Dr Valerie Sinason

Dr Bernice Sorensen

Michael Soth

Dr Kathrin Stauffer

Miriam Taylor

Dr Maggie Turp

Pat Williams

Joe Wilmot


Sir Richard Bowlby speaking at a training event

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