Somatic Masterclass

ONLINE! – “Somatic Masterclass: Working with the Body in Psychotherapy” with Nick Totton, Morit Heitzler and Tony Buckley – Saturday 19th September 2020 (and on catch-up for 6 more days).


Course Introduction

Following the success of our Conference on “The Body Speaks” in February 2018 we have developed a new Masterclass with a focus on the importance and potency of working with the body. While the world is on a very long recovery from the CoVid pandemic the idea of working with the body has become bittersweet; bodies have become fragile vessels that can be invaded by invisible pathogens and we are being told to stay as far away from each other’s bodies as possible.

We begin with a call to action from Nick Totton who shows how our societal tendency to be disembodied is an expected response to trauma. Building on this, Morit Heitzler explores how as therapists we can learn to become more attuned to the body of the other and to offer a deeper emotionally regulating experience. We finish the day with a presentation from Tony Buckley, again focussed on how we can work therapeutically with our clients and how the practice of Sensorimotor psychotherapy works to release those who are stuck in a traumatic experience.

Our trainers will be joining us via Skype on the day. You do not need any special equipment and do not need to download anything in order to join this day!


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