Personal message from BTP

A personal message from all of us at Brighton Therapy Partnership

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been effected by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. So many people are struggling with their physical health, mental health, their livelihoods and lifestyles. Many of us are in financial jeopardy.

We need to be honest with you. Like many small groups, organisations and businesses we’ve been hit very hard by the pandemic. What we do best is getting lots of therapists together in the same room to offer training and networking. We don’t know when we will be able to do that again, and we have limited opportunities to offer online training.

We are a small, local and independent organisation with no recourse to any Government assistance for our loss of income during the pandemic. We’ve decided to keep going as best we can, rather than to moth-ball ourselves or close completely. We’re going to do all we can to survive. We are however reliant on the income from the occasional course we can offer online, and the sale of our videos, to keep paying the bills and the salaries of our small, part-time, team.

We have reduced our ticket prices considerably, by 20% to 40% off our standard prices because we know that those of you who are self-employed therapists will have seen a drop in your income.We know this is a bad time for everyone, but hope that you will support us if you can.

with thanks

Shelley (Owner), Laura (Admin), Rob and Amy (Marketing/Techno Geeks)






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