Intimacy and Attachment

“Intimacy – The Impact of Attachment on Adult Relationships” with Linda Cundy and Jenny Riddell – Saturday 28th September 2019

In this one day conference and workshop our two expert speakers will consider the issue of intimacy and how this impacts us as we move through life. We will explore how early attachment patterns influence the kinds of relationships and intimacy levels that we allow as adults, and in particular the relationship that a client can allow between themselves and their therapist.

In the morning session Linda Cundy and Jenny Riddell, our two speakers, will deliver presentations on intimacy – the connection with early attachment and the changing nature of intimacy through the lifecycle. In the afternoon session they will focus on our work in the consulting room with a mixture of presentation and experiential work.

Morning Session

Linda Cundy: “Attachment and Intimacy: the Goldilocks Principle”

Intimacy gives us the most profound and satisfying experience of connection to each other, but many people struggle to be intimate. For some, their need for the other is too overpowering, while others put up barriers against being deeply known or confuse sex for true intimacy. This presentation explores the nature of intimacy from an attachment perspective, and how relationships can become distorted – either “too hot” / close or “too cold” / distant.

Jenny Riddell: “Intimacy Across the Lifecycle”

How do two people develop and maintain an intimate relationship? Does intimacy cover a range of emotions and experiences or only describe positive ones? What are the challenges to a relationship over time, and how are fractures in intimacy managed? These are subjects which often present in both couple and individual therapy. In this presentation Jenny Riddell looks at 7 couples presenting in therapy which reflect the ‘seven ages of man,’ as identified in Shakespeare’s quotation in ‘As You Like It’. The paper will cover rupture to intimacy and how this is worked with in the therapy triad.

Afternoon Session

Linda Cundy: “Intimacy in the Therapy Room”

This afternoon session focuses on the therapy situation. Clients’ anxiety and defences are played out in the therapeutic relationship, and it is through this relationship that the capacity for true intimacy can be discovered. However, in creating situations where intimacy can arise there are also dangers, including the risk of boundaries being blurred or even crossed.

Jenny Riddell: “Application in the Consulting Room”

Following on from the previous sessions, participants will be invited to explore some of their own clinical work in a peer supervisory manner. There will be an opportunity to present a case vignette to the group, There would then be a brief facilitated discussion on the case material. The group may act as a reflective team for this discussion, offering questions rather than answers.


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