How To Book and Pay

Booking your place on one of our events is really easy!

There are two ways you can book your place – either via our website or, if you prefer, using a paper booking form.

Website Bookings

Each event has its own page. There is an online booking form at the bottom of each Event page.

  1. First of all choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase. The booking form fields will then open and you will need to complete all the fields in the form.
  2. When telling us about your dietary and mobility needs please be specific, for example if you have a food intolerance tell us what you can or cannot eat. Feel free to send us a separate email if necessary.
  3. When you have finished completing the form choose the ‘Submit Your Booking’ button at the end of the page. This sends your booking to your Shopping Cart.
  4. You can then either choose another event to add to your Shopping Cart so you can pay for everything at once. Or you can checkout straightaway.
  5. When you are ready to pay please choose your payment method. There are two choices, either Paypal or Offline.

Paypal Payments

If you choose the Paypal option you will be redirected to Paypal so you can pay via credit or debit card (no Paypal account required) or via your own Paypal account.

Offline Payments

If you choose Offline payments your place will be reserved for 7 days until we receive your payment. Offline payments can be made using BACS (bank transfer) or cheque payment. Please note that we are unable to take payments over the phone.

You will receive an automatic email from our booking system giving you all the information you need to send through your offline payment. However, if you have made an offline booking and have not received the payment email please check your SPAM or JUNK email folder.

Alternatively all the details you need to pay by BACS or CHEQUE are available on our paper booking forms. Both WORD and PDF versions are available to open and/or download below in the section called Paper Bookings.

Booking Confirmations

You will receive a booking confirmation within a few minutes of placing your order if you have paid via the Paypal route.

You will receive a holding email if you wish to pay by cheque or BACs and will receive an email confirmation as soon as your payment is received and processed.

Venue Information

Information about the venue for each event is contained on the individual Events page.

Paper Bookings

If you don’t like making bookings on a website you can download our booking form below and complete this instead. There are two versions of the booking form: a Word version (which you can save to your computer, complete on your computer, and then email) or a PDF version (which you will need to print and complete by hand). Payment information is included on page 2 of the booking form.

BTP-Booking-Form WORD

      BTP-Booking-Form PDF


We’re sorry, but we don’t invoice. Our experience is that invoices take many weeks or months to get paid, disrupting our ability to manage bookings for our workshops. Our administrative capacity is limited, so we just prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

If you work for an organisation it is generally possible for your Finance Department to pay by company credit card via the Paypal option (no Paypal account required), or to raise a company cheque. Alternatively individual participants can pay for their workshop place themselves and claim the amount paid through the company/charity expenses system.

We will make an exception to this if you wish to book a minimum of three places for a single event. If this is the case please contact us by email, and we will arrange to invoice your company/charity. There will be a £15 charge added to your invoice to cover our administrative costs, and we will keep places open until 6 weeks before the date of the workshop. In the event that payment arrives after this time places will be allocated if any remain; if not we will refund in full.

Got a question about the booking process?

You can email us at