The Healing Power of Imagination in Impossible Situations: Working with Loss, Grief and Trauma with Creative Methods

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Date(s) - Saturday 20th June, 2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Saturday 20th June 2020

Speaker / Trainer: Professor Mooli Lahad 


This workshop will now be delivered online via YouTube. In line with other workshop providers we’ve made this change as a response to the current Coronavirus situation, and have had to get ourselves up to speed pretty quickly.

On the day of the workshop you will be able to pause and return to the live streaming, and the content will stay online for a number of days so you can carry on viewing. You do not need any special equipment to join this course online, other than an internet connection and a suitable device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) on which you can watch material via YouTube. If you wish to take part in the on-the-day group chat you will need access to a keyboard (either an actual keyboard or via voice input).

If you were booked onto the original live event please look out for emails from us. Please ensure you check the email address you used when you made your booking. Thank you for your patience at this difficult time.

Schedule: 10am to 3pm (approximately)

Course Fee:

  • £95 (standard ticket price before 17th June when bookings close – pick this ticket if you can afford to pay this, or if all the discounted tickets have been sold).
  • £80 (discounted ticket – pick this ticket if you are on a reduced income because of CoVid19, or if you are a student counsellor/psychotherapist, or you are a newly qualified therapist (2019 or later graduation). Proof of student/graduate status will be required. Limited ticket numbers until 31st May only).
  • All delegates will be supplied with a CPD Certificate.
  • Please be aware that we are NOT accepting payment by cheque at this time. Bookings must be paid for either via Paypal, Credit/debit card (via Paypal, no Paypal account required), or bank transfer. To pay by bank transfer pick OFFLINE payments in checkout, otherwise choose PAYPAL.

Help us make it through to next year:

We are a small, local and independent organisation with no recourse to any Government assistance for our loss of income during the pandemic. We are reliant on the income from this course, and the sale of our videos, to keep paying the bills and the salaries of our small, part-time, team. We are struggling to stay afloat, and we know this is a bad time for everyone, but hope that you will support us if you can. Ironically it costs more for us to arrange this workshop online than as a live event, but we have still reduced the course fee considerably, from our standard ticket price of £125 to either £80 or £95, representing a saving of between 24% and 36%. Many thanks.


Course Introduction

Professor Mooli Lahad is considered one of the world leading experts on community and public behaviour and coping with disasters. He has led many international psychosocial projects following crises or disasters, focusing on the empowerment of local peoples through training local professionals to train others in their community. His disaster related work includes in the USA, after the 9/11 terrorist incident (2001-2005), after Hurricane Katrina (2006-2010), and also in Sri Lanka (2004-2007) and Japan (2011-2014) following the tsunamis in both countries.

This workshop was organised pre-CoVid, but the importance of Professor Lahad’s work in attending to the psychosocial needs of communities in the wake of crises such as the international coronavirus pandemic means we felt it was important this workshop went ahead. Professor Lahad has been extremely busy undertaking such emergency work amongst hospital teams in Israel in the early months of the pandemic, and we hope he will be able to share some of his learning with us when we meet online on the 20th June.

Course Description

This one day workshop will be an opportunity to explore the power of playfulness and imagination as healing powers of the mind. The mind is probably the only space where during Covid-19 we can transcend to a better future using playfulness and imagination, as our mind was and is the only that wasn’t put in lockdown.

This one day workshop will be an opportunity to explore the power of playfulness and imagination as healing powers of the mind. We will focus on the use of metaphors, therapeutic-cards, images, music & movement.

We will learn how using some or all of these methods can help those clients who have experienced trauma or are going through very difficult times by engaging the creative centres of the brain and mind to aid healing.

Very few studies have fully explored the right hemisphere of the brain as a source of healing. The right hemisphere has so often been discarded as the “non-logical” part of our mind. While our imagination can be a source for pain, stress, and anxiety, it is also a very neglected healing tool that has been used throughout human history as a means to ease trauma, and which is now used extensively as a therapeutic tool with children. In this workshop we will explore what creative tools can be harnessed for use in therapy with adults who have experienced trauma, grief or loss.

We will re-embrace George Bernard Shaw’s statement that “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” or we will reiterate homeopathy by saying: If Imagination is the cause of pain Imagination should be the cure, using the concept of “same cures same”.

The day will be composed of a lecture and many methods to take home.


Reserve List

Bookings will close when this course is fully booked. You can add you name to the Reserve List by sending an email to . You will then be notified if a place becomes available for you.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Discount Ticket - Trauma/Imagination
Until 31st May
Standard Ticket - Trauma/Imagination
Until 17/6/20

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