Brighton Therapy Partnership is supporting CALM throughout February

Find out about why we’re supporting CALM below, or jump straight to the JustGiving page to send in a donation.

February. What a month. Spring is on the way, Valentine’s Day gives us all the reason we need to consume vast quantities of chocolate, and Brighton Therapy Partnership is hosting 3 top quality events.

Yep, we’ve got 3 of the best bearded blokes running things in February. Robin Shohet is getting us thinking about writing as a tool in therapy, Dr Phil Mollon is helping us understand the process of working with adults who are on the autistic spectrum and/or have ADHD, whilst Dr Andrew Reeves is speaking on the topic of counselling suicidal clients.

Brighton Therapy Partnership beards

All of these are vital workshops, but let’s dwell on Andrew’s for a moment. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, with a man killing themselves every 2 hours. 42% of all men aged 18-45 have considered suicide. And of those, 41% felt that they couldn’t talk about their feelings.

As counsellors, it’s our job to listen to our clients. We need to understand their issues in great depth in order for the ‘talking cure’ to begin taking effect. With suicide rates on the rise, we see clients more and more regularly for whom suicide has been considered. That’s why Andrew’s workshop is essential for therapists, but we recognise that there is so much more to be done.

Throughout February, we’ll be supporting CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM are a UK charity leading the crusade against male suicide. Besides a fantastic resource-packed website and support helpline, they are ultimately looking to break down cultural barriers which silence men. Their innovative approach doesn’t have them labelling people as service users, but rather targets all men through cultural pillars such as music, sports, and entertainment. They’re breaking down the insidious stigma that is at the root of young men feeling unable to share their feelings.

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As therapists we can help if people choose to talk to us, but first we need to get people to feel comfortable talking. CALM is doing just that.

Get 10% of your event ticket price donated to CALM

If you’re attending any of our February events with us then you can get 10% of your ticket sale donated to CALM. Simply send us a snap of your bearded self. If you can grow a beard, then it’s easy. If you can’t then it’s time to get creative… you can draw one over your photo, grab a beard substitute to stick to your face (fake beard, Brillo Pad, cat…?), or find a mask of your favourite bearded superstar (Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo, Gerard Butler of 300, or our very own Sigmund Freud?)

Simply send it to us via email, Facebook, or Twitter and let us know which event you’ll be attending in February.

Other donations to CALM

If you’re not attending any events, you’re still most welcome to share your shots with us and take part. We have a JustGiving page set up for donations. We’ll be continuing to raise awareness of CALM’s work.

Three blokes. One charity. Lots of beards. Let’s go. #BeardsForBlokes

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NB. Publishing your beardy photos

We’ll be putting some of our favourite beardy shots up on social media and our website. By submitting your photo to us, you’re also giving us the right to publish the photo. If you really, really don’t want the photo published then do let us know.

*BTPs maximum donation has been set at £500.