Sep 23 2019

How Attachment Affects Intimacy

As we have discussed briefly before in our article on intimacy in the counselling room, a client’s attachment style have have an effect on how intimacy develops within the therapy…

Sep 23 2019

Intimacy in counselling

Brighton Therapy Partnership recently hosted a workshop on intimacy in the therapy room, looking at how intimacy can be a vital step in building better relationships with clients and supporting…

Sep 23 2019

Interview with Linda Cundy

Linda Cundy has been a Brighton Therapy Partnership favourite for many years, having hosted numerous workshops on the topic of attachment. She’s covered topics such as the interplay between food…

Jun 19 2019

Interview with Thaddeus Birchard

We got the opportunity to sit down with Dr Thaddeus Birchard, and speak to him about his career. After three decades as an ordained minister, he shifted his attention to supporting people with sex addiction.

Jun 5 2019

Interview with Emmy van Deurzen

Professor Emmy van Deurzen is one of the foremost figures in the field of existential therapy. Weaving philosophy into her work, she is a practicing counselling psychologist who runs a London-based private practice called Dilemma Consultancy.

May 7 2019

Existential Psychotherapy – Counselling and the Human Condition

Existential therapy focuses on the human condition as a whole, viewing psychological difficulties as inner conflicts caused by an individual's confrontation with the 'givens' of existence.

Apr 25 2019

What to do When Counselling Isn’t Working

Whether it's a feeling of being 'stuck' or just not getting to where you aimed to with a client, this article distills some of the key learning points from the day that you can put into practice with your clients.

Feb 26 2019

An Introduction to Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal theory is a tool for working with trauma and social connection based on how our nervous system reacts to external stimuli varying from safety to danger. Tony Buckley, an expert on the topic, spoke to us about Polyvagal Theory and how it can be used in counselling and psychotherapy.

Oct 18 2018

Why Every Counsellor is a Body Psychotherapist

In this article we review the work of Nick Totton who presented to a packed BTP audience in Brighton on Saturday 15 September 2018. Nick Totton is a renowned body psychotherapist with 35 years experience in the therapy world.

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