Working with the children of Narcissists

Apr 12 2021

Interview with Rebecca Kirkbride

Rebecca Kirkbride is a therapist and writer specialising in working with children and young people. Her books include Counselling Young People: A Practitioner Manual*, Counselling Children and Young People in…

Apr 1 2021

Eating Disorder Myths & Misconceptions Therapists Need to Know

When considering our understanding of eating disorders and disordered eating it’s important to consider whether any of the many myths, misconceptions and stereotypical images that permeate public consciousness have entered…

Mar 26 2021

Exploring Lockdown Weight Loss Issues In Therapy

In this article we’ll consider the issues that may arise for therapy clients as media messaging focuses on the need to lose weight gained during lockdown, and how counsellors can…
rainbow with heart in hand

Feb 25 2021

LGBTQ+ & GSRD Resources for Therapists

We’ve put together a full resource list for therapists and counsellors looking to understand more about LGBTQ+ and GSRD issues. As counsellors, it’s easy for us to feel we are…
lesser known eating disorders

Feb 17 2021

Eating Disorders You May Not Know

As therapists we work to understand where an eating disorder comes from, and what it might be communicating. We may explore attachments, trauma and loss to understand such behaviour and…
Eyes peering out from a painted face body image

Jan 29 2021

Why Therapists Need To Be Body Image Informed

Body image may seem like a niche area of work – your clients may not tend to present with related issues so it might not seem like a vital area…
bodyposi panda body image books

Jan 5 2021

Best Books on Body Image 2021

Entering the new year feels slightly different this year, but what remains is the inevitable constant of “new year, new you” content – with the joy of Christmas indulgence a…
Russian dolls wearing face masks

Nov 20 2020

Cope with Covid through Polyvagal Theory

As we face the second wave of Covid, and enter into a second national lockdown, we can feel anxiety and despondency surfacing once again. As therapists we carry our clients’…

Nov 5 2020

Why Polyvagal Theory is Essential for All Therapists

Polyvagal Theory may sound academic but in reality it becomes a practical tool to help all of our clients, and a way to understand why the way that we work…

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