Anti-Racism Resources for Therapists

Here at Brighton Therapy Partnership we felt heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd in America. We understand, and feel, the anger at how this happened to yet another black person. There needs to be justice and there needs to be change.

We have a racism problem in the UK too. Black people are twice as likely to die in police custody. Black mothers are five times more likely to die during childbirth. Microaggressions, explicit verbal and physical aggression and systemic barriers are experienced by black people.  Within mental health, there is a huge disparity in how black people are listened to and supported. We also know that counselling is a predominantly white profession.

As therapists we care about clients’ wellbeing and mental health, and ensuring inclusion for all clients. Because of this we need to actively be anti-racist. This starts with informing ourselves where we may have blind spots – learning what it’s like to live with racism, the history of racism in our societies and acknowledging our white privilege, if we are white, and the unconscious biases we hold. We can go on this anti-racism journey together, learning and connecting as we have these challenging conversations with curiosity, patience and compassion.

We wanted to use our platform to share some resources to help you with that process of learning, and unlearning. Please share this post with your colleagues. Have the difficult conversations. Listen to those so graciously sharing their experiences. Let’s know better and do better.

Anti-racism resource lists

The following are free-to-access resources providing information and guidance on how you can help. What’s more, some of these are being hosted on Google Documents which means they’re continuously being updated.

Online events and training

  • The Institute of Psychoanalysis’ The Political Mind Seminars explore the role of the unconscious in political and social life, in areas such as racism, gender and sexuality.

Organisations to support

From the UK to internationally, here are some of the most important projects and charities that you can lend your support to. Always remember that if you’re not in a position to financially offer support, there are many other ways, such as sharing information.

anti-racism therapy


Some very powerful reads that explore both the history of white supremacy and the grip it holds on us today.


A selection of podcasts and interviews with Black therapists and activists.


Powerful documentaries and dramas exploring racial inequality in both the UK and the US.

  • Sitting in Limbo [BBC]
    A powerful one-off drama exploring the impact of the Windrush scandal on one man and his family.
  • 13 [Netflix]
    This Oscar-nominated documentary “explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the fact that the nation’s prisons are disproportionately filled with African-Americans”.
  • When They See Us [Netflix]
    A four-part drama telling the real-life story of five young men who were falsely accused and charged with the rape of a woman in Central Park. There is also an accompanying interview on Netflix with the real men featured in the series – When They See Us Now.

YouTube videos

These YouTube videos are all free to watch. Hear from some of the most prominent activists and authors.

Instagram posts

A few powerful Instagram posts we’ve seen in recent weeks. You can see these regardless of whether you’re on Instagram, but if you use the platform please consider sharing.


A series of articles, from both academic and mainstream media sources, exploring racism and mental health.

We are always looking to expand our knowledge, so please share further anti-racism resources in the comments below too.


  1. Misgana Berhane on 4 July 2020 at 11:26 am

    Thank you for the extensive resource you have put together . My hope is that individual counsellors and organisations well take the time and learn and unlearing . As I am experiencing it’s not been done in all the organisations that I work at.

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