Saturday 6th February
“The Therapeutic Value of Writing”
(Trainer: Robin Shohet)

Friday 26th February
“Tight Ropes and Safety Nets: Counselling Suicidal Clients”
(Trainer: Dr Andrew Reeves)

Saturday 27th February
“The Disintegrating Self: Understanding and Working with Adults with ADHD and/or Autistic Spectrum Traits”
(Trainer: Dr Phil Mollon)

Saturday 5th March
“Working with Dissociation”
(Trainer: Miriam Taylor)

Saturday 19th March
“The Adult Only-Child in Therapy: Exploring the Stereotype”
(Trainer: Dr Bernice Sorensen)

Saturday 16th April
“Psychiatric Diagnosis: What Does This Mean for Your Clients and for You?”
(Trainer: Dr Rachel Freeth)

Saturday 23rd April
“Boarding School Syndrome: The Psychological Trauma of the ‘Privileged’ Child”
(Trainer: Professor Joy Schaverien)

Saturday 7th May
“Love and Hate in Couples: The Dynamics of Violence and Reconciliation”
(Trainer: Anna Motz)

Saturday 21st May
“Living with Death: Working with Grief and Bereavement”
(Trainer: Lynsey Hotchkies)

Saturday 11th June
“‘Sturm und Drang’: The Dilemmas of Working Therapeutically with Adolescents in Private Practice”
(Trainer: Rebecca Kirkbride)

 Saturday 25th June
“A Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) Approach to Working with Shame Experiences in Trauma”
(Trainer: Dr Chris Irons)

Saturday 2nd July
“Expressive and Creative Writing in Therapy”
(Trainer: Victoria Field)

Saturday 16th July
“On Feeding and Being Fed: Attachment and Food”
(Trainer: Linda Cundy)

Saturday 10th September
“Shame in the Therapy Hour”
(Trainer: Christiane Sanderson)

Saturday 1st October
“The Buzz Trap: Adolescent States of Mind”
(Trainer: Graham Music)

Saturday 22nd October
“The 7-Eyed Model of Supervision”
(Trainers: Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet)

Saturday 5th November
“Trauma and the Therapeutic Relationship”
(Trainer: Margaret Landale)

Saturday 19th November
“Perspectives on Interpretation: What Makes a Good Intervention in Therapy?”
(Trainers: Dr Maggie Turp, Dr Aaron Balick & Patrick Casement)