Events Archive

Saturday 1st February 2014
“How to work when therapy isn’t working?”
(Trainer: Michael Soth)

Saturday 1st March 2014
“Personal Reflections on Attachment Theory”
(Trainer: Sir Richard Bowlby)

Saturday 15th March 2014
“Melanie Klein: Her Relevance to Psychotherapists in the 21st Century”
(Trainer: Julia Segal)

Saturday 29th March 2014
“Applying Mindfulness in Psychotherapy”
(Trainer: Margaret Landale)

Saturday 12th April 2014
“Neglectful Therapy (We’ve All Done It)”
(Trainer: Miriam Taylor)

Saturday 26th April 2014
“Group Supervision”
(Trainer: Robin Shohet)

Sunday 27th April 2014
“Free the Writer Within”
(Trainer: Robin Shohet)

Saturday 31st May 2014
“The Neuroscience and Psychology of Affect Regulation in Infancy and Adulthood”
(Trainer: Kathrin Stauffer)

 Saturday 7th June 2014
“Insecure Attachment: Working with Adults in the Consulting Room”
(Trainer: Linda Cundy)

Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, and Monday 7th July 2014
“CSTD Certificate in Supervision: Core Course (part 1)” 
(Trainer: Robin Shohet)

Saturday 19th July 2014
The Power of Story: The use of story, metaphor and personal narrative in therapy and healthcare”
(Trainers: Dr Kate Powis and Gavin Roberts)

Saturday 6th September 2014
“Working with Erotic Transference and Countertransference”
(Trainer: David Mann)

Saturday 13th September 2014
“The Art and Science of Play: Using Play, Humour and Laughter in Therapy”
(Trainer: Tony Buckley)

Saturday 4th October 2014
“How To Work When Therapy Isn’t Working?” 
(Trainer: Michael Soth)

Saturday 11th October 2014
“Thinking about couples: For individual therapists who want to understand couple dynamics”
(Trainer: Anne Power)

Saturday 8th November 2014
“Does My Bum Look Big In This? – Working with clients who have Poor Body Esteem”
(Trainer: Julia Buckroyd)

Saturday 22nd November 2014
“The Skin Around the Self”
(Trainer: Maggie Turp)

Saturday 29th November 2014
“Men’s Issues in Psychotherapy and Counselling: A Workshop For Men and Women”
(Trainer: Professor Andrew Samuels)