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“Relational Psychotherapy: Working with the Domains of Transference” with Dr Helena Hargaden – Saturday 1st July 2017

Using a combination of didactic teaching and experiential work the aim of this workshop is to equip the therapist with clear conceptual guidelines about how to think about accessing and working with the relational unconscious.

The basic premise of this workshop is that the therapist is the agent of change – not theory. In this workshop we will examine the meaning of relational psychotherapy and the idea that “It is our personal relational abilities for emotional engagement, discernment, nuanced attunement and perhaps most of all our integrity that will inform how we work with people who are suffering…” (Hargaden, 2015).

Nevertheless, we need to have theories which allow for our use of self. The workshop will introduce the theory of the domains of transference which provide a methodology for working with the relational unconscious explored from three different perspectives: Introjective Transference, Projective Transference, and Transformational Transference.

Transference is not unique to therapy; it is a normal occurrence through life which enables attachment and connection. However, it is in the intensity of the therapeutic relationship that transference and counter transference becomes a tool for using the mind of the therapist to find the mind of the client.

The workshop will also discuss some principles connected to the domains of transference, especially the work of Benjamin, Aron, Mitchell, Stern, Hargaden and Sills, and others, and will draw heavily from Helena’s co-authored and award winning book Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective.

While considering what is ‘relational’, we will also consider what is ‘not relational’ and the misperception that relational means interpersonal.
By the end of the workshop we will have investigated how psychotherapists and counsellors translate their experience into theories, and their theories into practice!

This workshop is suitable for both seasoned therapists and those who are new to the ideas of relational psychotherapy and/or Transactional Analysis.

Helena Hargaden (MSc., DPsych) is an Relational Psychotherapist, an international speaker, Coach, and Supervisor. She is also an award winning writer on Relational Transactional Analysis for her work on the “Domains of Transference” in the book Transactional Analysis: a Relational Perspective (Hargaden & Sills; Routledge, 2002).

She has written and co-written a variety of books and papers on a relational perspective in psychotherapy and has been widely published and translated into a number of other languages. Helena integrates a Trans Generational Trauma approach into her relational perspective, and she is co-founder of The Forum for Trans Generational Trauma.

Her latest book, The Art Of Relational Supervision, was published in October 2015 by Routledge. The book has been described as “inspiring, original and practical. This could transform how we think of supervision…” (Professor Andrew Samuels).


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