Narrative Therapy

“Narrative Therapy: Tales of Narrative Identity and Change” with Martin Weegmann on Saturday 28th April

This workshop is an introduction to narrative psychology and its varied sources in philosophy, literature and child development. With reference to psychoanalysis, Martin will discuss how the ‘talking cure’ proposed by Freud was initially centred on stories and storying, and how Freud worried about the reception of his theories and their scientific basis. 100 years or so later, in Australia, White and Epston, gave birth to ‘narrative therapy’, arguably an approach consonant with post-modern times and values.

Martin will suggest that narrative approaches, broadly seen, combined with psychodynamic sensitivity, are powerful ways of connecting to the life-worlds, struggles and achievements of our clients. Narrative change is an important and inevitable dimension of human change, particularly in the wake of life transitions or periods of adversity. Human beings are indeed ‘story-telling animals’, who colour their lives with rich palates- “life imitates art”, as Wilde reminds us.

Participants can expect to:

* Learn basic definitions of narrative
* Appreciate how narrative psychology helps us to better understand human development and identity
* Provide a non-medical way of conceiving human distress, discomfort and disorder
* Learn some clinical techniques that can help clients to ‘open out’ their narrative accounts
* Martin will use a combination of formal presentation, interactive exercises and clinical illustrations.

Martin Weegmann is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, who has specialised in substance misuse and personality disorders and is a well-known trainer. Martin edited Psychodynamics of Addiction (2002, Wiley) and Group Psychotherapy and Addiction (2004, Wiley), and published many book chapters and papers in a range of journals.

His new books are The World within the Group: Developing Theory for Group Analysis (Karnac, 2014) and Permission to Narrate: Explorations in Group Analysis, Psychoanalysis & Culture (Karnac 2016). He is currently working on an edited book, Psychodynamics of Writing, and fictional stories of recovery from substance misuse.

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