Art as Therapy

“Art as Therapy” with Ruth Netherwood (of CreativeCPDs) on Saturday 16th June 2018

The aim of this course is for you to feel free and confident integrating artwork into your practice through experiential training.

Course outline:

• Stress management: How creative techniques such as using mandalas can be excellent tools for stress management.
• Self-care: a reminder about the importance of making time for ourselves; gaining skills in helping clients to relax.
• Theoretical concepts behind the benefits of creative techniques.
• Managing emotions: How artwork can be used as a means of managing emotions; as an aid for our clients to access their emotional world.
• To facilitate clients’ – and our own – personal development and self-awareness through visual means and the use of metaphor; increasing sense of self and identity.
• To experience how powerful artmaking can be as a means of expression and communication.

Experiential exercises are integrated with theoretical learning. No artistic ability is necessary and all art materials are provided.

Ruth Netherwood is co-founder of CreativeCPDs, in partnership with author Jennifer Guest.

Ruth is a Registered Member of BACP, a Bereavement Counsellor at Sue Ryder Hospice, RELATE trained Couples Counsellor and has a successful private practice in Yorkshire, working with couples, young people and adults. She has over 25 years experience of delivering and initiating innovative, creative projects for individuals, groups and communities.

CreativeCPDs’ courses were developed in response to therapists’ demand for more creative, experiential training. The CPDs are ideal for any professional working within a therapeutic capacity. Whatever your preferred theoretical modality, creative art techniques can be valuable additions to your professional toolkit. Artwork is a vital means of expression and effective communication. It can enhance emotional and psychological wellbeing, be an effective form of stress management and a means of personal development.

Creative CPDs co-founder is Jennifer Guest. Jennifer is the author of The Art Activity Book for Psychotherapeutic Work, The CBT Art Activity Book, and The Relational Art Activity Book. She’s an accredited member of BACP and works as a Clinical Supervisor for a counselling centre in Yorkshire.

Both Jennifer and Ruth feel passionate about the exploration and integration of creativity within the therapeutic relationship. Our commitment to helping build confidence in therapists in using these invaluable techniques has breathed life into CreativeCPDs.


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